How To Write A Dope Artist Bio That Sells

Your Story

Journalists are curious. It's their nature and since you’re an artist I don’t think I need to tell you how much impact a good story can have. If you can provide a journalist with a story that accompanies your song it adds context to the song and it makes your persona so much more more interesting. But not only to potential fans, but also to journalists! It enriches their professional life if they can actually tell (and write!) a good story. In that case, it is much more likely that you’re the one doing them a favor instead of asking for one! Especially, when you offer enough material up front and do some of the work for them in advance, they’re gonna appreciate that!

You really don’t need to reinvent the wheel here! What we’re trying to figure out in the following are the details and intricacies of your background and intentions based on which we can write something that’s compelling enough to get people interested in your persona, something that leaves them wanting more! It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to get done!

Your Goal

A short text of about half a page is probably just fine, as long as it provides the right type of information. So, basically your goal is to come up with two short paragraphs, whereas one paragraph means like 3 to 5 well crafted sentences:

  • One paragraph about how your background fuels & inspires your musical vision

This paragraph is supposed to show how your background relates to your music. It provides journalists and fans with an idea of who you are as an artist, what you’re trying to do or accomplish. It is basically about explaining and displaying your dream/mission/reason why/vision/motivation/etcto those that don’t know your music yet! You could also call it your own “about” text, as you find it on basically any website.

  • One paragraph about the song

The goal here is to find out the deeper meaning of a song. It serves as a sort of appetizer to get someone interested in listening to your song. What is it about the song that makes people relate to it? It shows what is happening in the song on a deeper level. (If you struggle with coming up with something dope for this paragraph then fuck it!)

In the next section you’ll find a few questions that are supposed to help you come up with a couple of ideas for the content of your mini-bio!

Questions that’ll help you dig for the interesting stuff

Coming up with a cool story about doesn’t need to be difficult though it requires some minimal effort. However, once it is done you might be able to use it again and again. In order to help you get started here are a few questions that hopefully help you come up with something:

  1. Your song:

  • What has inspired the lyrics? Or even just parts of the lyrics?

  • What do you think about how and why people relate to that song?

  • What has inspired the chorus, or the idea of the song? How did you come up with it?

  • What happened that has caused you to write it?

  • What was the situation like when you had the idea for the song?

  • What are the circumstances like under which you produce(d) your material?

2. How does your background fuel and inspire your musical vision:

  • Have you sacrificed anything in order to make music? What was it and why did you think it was worth the sacrifice?

  • Is your music making linked to a belief? What do you belief in?

  • Are you on a mission? What is it? Why?

  • What do you want to achieve with your music? Why?

  • How have experienced growing up in [your city]?

  • What have you gone through in the past?

  • What are your non-musical influences?

  • What is your background?

  • Is there anything unusual about your background in the context of your genre? Something that you’d

How To Answer These Questions

Of course, you don’t need to answer all the questions! They are meant to help you come up with some interesting stuff about yourself in the first place!

Even if you can only come up with a bunch of facts at first, that’s totally fine! Write it all down, you can later decide on what might be interesting to a journalist and add context to your art. First, simply collect ideas and if you do have a story to tell just write it down. Write it down the way it comes! Don’t edit! Just write and let it flow! Don’t worry about paragraph’s, typos or anything. Just write! When you’re done, leave it. Do something else and don’t go back to it until the next day. Then, take another notepad and a pen and read through everything you’ve written down and mark everything that’s standing out to you. You’re probably going to have even more ideas as you’re reading. Write them down, too!

When you’re going back to what you’ve written down the first day, you’ll probably notice that some ideas stand out more than others and use these ideas to craft your paragraphs. That’s it!

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