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The Beginner License is meant to serve the needs of artists that are fairly new to the game and about to release their first real project like an EP. You're still at the beginning of something that could turn into a career. With the singles you've released so far you were able to grow a small following. Or maybe you intend to do so with your next tune.

Or maybe music is really just a fun thing for you to do but you sure love to watch the reactions of your homies when you surprise them with a dope track..


We created the Pro License with artists in mind that fall into the category of "up and coming". You are at a point where you have become more serious about your craft, you've already built a following and people start to show interest in your persona and your music.


However, now you're all about progress: get more exposure, grow your fan base, let bloggers and magazone's know you're serious, or might even wanna sell your next EP/LP on iTunes, Amazon, or CD's at shows etc.


This license is right for artists that have already reached a point where basically anything can happen. You have a real fan base, a decent reach on social media, and bloggers as well as online magazines (and certainly a couple of other people) have you on their radar.


Basically, your infrastructure is ready to quickly react and create a hype around your next release if it hits home. Anything can happen and when it does you wanna be ready to harvest and not upgrade licenses, or whatever.


We want you to grow and become a better artist and we want to get as much as we can out of our productions. Period. After you have purchased a beat and recorded your vocals we'd love to offer you our constructive feedback. No sugarcoating! We take your work serious and will try to add real value to your process!

We will critique your vocal performance, your vocal mix and your vocal production concept. We're gonna let you know what we really liked about your performance and naturally we're gonna tell you where there is still room for improvement and what we'd try in order to enhance the track even more. This will also help you identify those areas of your artistry where there is more potential for major breakthroughs and we can offer you tips on how to get there. From our own experience we know both, praise and critique, can make an equally important contribution to every artist's development. We are all artists ourselves and, again, know from experience what difference an honest yet constructive feedback can make. 

*Please note that we can only give feedback to artists who have purchased a Pro License, Unlimited License, Exclusive Beats or Custom Beats..



First understand what a license is! Basically, a license determines how much money you can make from one song and to what extent you can promote a song. That's really all about it!

In order to for you to make a good decision about which license serves you best, we recommend you answer one simple question:

What do you want to achieve with your next project?

Which license is best for you really depends on your intentions and your individual (or collective) commitment towards your artistry.​


If you're still at the beginning of building a following and basically just getting your feet wet, the beginner license will probably do just fine.


However, you might wanna put in some real effort in terms of promotion and get featured on blogs and all that then the Pro License would be the better option.

Or you're an established artist, your team is all set and ready to push your next release and you want to negotiate exclusives!? No problem!

Whatever it is you need, we got you covered and if you have any further questions, if you want to negotiate a license or whatever it is, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're here to help! But we can only help if you ask for it!​


We know from our own experience that all this stuff about licenses etc. can make you feel a little bit overwhelmed in the beginning.


No worries though! Here is what you get in plain English:

Feedback: From our feedback

The Files:

In any case you'll be getting a high quality mp3 and a 24-bit wav file. When you purchase a Pro or Unlimited License all beats come as tracked out version, too. Meaning, you're gonna get all individual tracks that make the beat.


Yes, you can make a video and put it on YouTube, Vimeo or whatever you like! We even encourage you to do so!

Video Streaming:

If it is for promotional purposes only, let everybody stream your music as much as they want. If you plan on monetizing those streams, the numbers attached to "Video Streams" refer to the amount of streams you can monetize with this license.

Audio Streaming:

Yes, you totally can upload your song on Spotify, Soundcloud, and what not! Again, we really hope you'll do so!

The numbers (50,000 and so on) refer to the number of streams you may monetize, which will vary depending on what license you buy. 


With the Pro and the Unlimited license you can sell digital or physical copies of the song you've made with one of our beats. Be it on a mixtape, an album, an EP or just the individual song! 

Giving Away For Free:

Whatever license you buy, you can give away as many free downloads as you want. As long as it is for promotional purposes only, it's all good!


No matter what license you go for, you can perform your song with all of them. And if you have a chance to get paid for your performance, pleasure is all yours! As in, yes, you can keep all the money you make for yourself.

Air Play:

No matter which license you go for, we're down for radio air play! The only variable here is the number of radio stations.

The Files

One 24 bit wav-file & 
one 320kbps mp3 

The Feedback

The Stems

Basically, the second block is about promotion and making money from having your tune streamed, your video watched or played on the radio.

Make a video

Free Downloads (Offer unlimited free downloads to your supporters and fans)

50,000 Video Streams

50,000 Audio Streams

(1) Radio Station

Free Performances

Paid performances

Sell copies

One 24 bit wav-file & 
one 320kbps mp3 

No feedback on vocal production, performance, mixing or song writing

Multi-Tracks: Drums,Instruments and Bass

Make (1) Music Video

Offer unlimited free downloads to your supporters and fans

Offer your fans 50000 free streams on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Perform your songs live as often as you want and if you get paid, then pleasure is all yours.

Let your song be heard via (1) on radio station

Sell up to 500 copies to your first fans on vinyl, CD or via iTunes, Amazon, etc.




If you are an up-and-coming artist laying a foundation for your career or wanting to promote your next commercial release then the Promo License gives you everything you need in order to succeed: 

The Promo License is meant to serve the needs of artists that are fairly new to the game, about to release their first (or another) project in order to increase their fan base and/or nurture your relationship with your fans with some freebies. So that once you have enough of the right fans with a genuine interest in you as an artist behind you, you can start selling music, merch, tickets, etc.

It doesn't make a whole lot of sense for you to purchase a business license at this point in your career if you haven't already build the infrastructure needed in order to support a commercial release (i.e. thinking of access to digital distribution channels, relationships with journalists and bloggers and so on ).

Here's what you get in plain english:

With this license you can offer an unlimited amount of free downloads to your already existing fan base (for instance as an opt-in offer to grow your email list) or use it in order to gain new fans. Also, it's perfectly fine if you let them stream your music video on YouTube or your songs on Soundcloud and so on. You can even sell or hand out CD's when you're playing a show, and if you get paid for a performance please enjoy cause the pleasure is all yours! And if all of a sudden radio stations start picking up on your tune and put it on air, then... please (!) let us know because - damn! - we'd also be celebrating when our productions get some airplay!

And just in case that you decide to turn what was supposed to be a promo release into a commercial release, you can always upgrade your license and we'll refund what you the full price of the Promo license so that you don't pay twice!

The only significant difference between a Promo License and a business license is that a business license also allows you to digitally distribute your release via iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp etc. and to profit from the monetization of streaming.



If you are an artist that is now recording songs for his or her next commercial release, the Business License gives you all the rights you need to succeed: 


This license is right for artists that have already reached a point where basically anything can happen. You have a fan base, a decent reach on social media, and bloggers, journalists as well as (online) magazines have you on their radar, waiting for you to drop your next release


Basically, your infrastructure is ready to quickly react and create a hype around your next release if it hits home. Anything can happen and when it does you wanna be ready and focused on what really matters which is promoting the shit out of your release and harvest the rewards.


What you certainly don't need at this point though is having to deal with stuff like upgrading licenses, negotiating deals with producers, etc.

Here's what you get in plain English:

First of all this license allows you to distribute an unlimited amount of copies via all digital distribution channels like iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp etc and second you're allowed to monetize streams from Spotify, Pandorra and Youtube.

Of course, this license also comes with all the benefits of a Promo License. You can offer an unlimited amount of free downloads to your fans, an unlimited amount of free streams, you can get paid for performances, put a video on YouTube or Vimeo or whatever, sell as many CD's as you can and have radio stations all over the planet spin your tunes on air!

The Promo License is ideal for younger artists, or those you just want to sketch a quick demo.

The Come Up License is made for up-and-coming artists on the rise.

Let your listeners stream, download and share your music for free as much as you want. If radios start picking up on your music, this license won't get in your way. If you gonna play a show, keep the money you make from your performance and sell your music on CD's or Vinyl to your fans, so that you can invest in your future.

Do whatever you want to promote your music

online and profit from paid performances, online distribution and more in order to invest in your future.

The Business License if for artist that are all set and ready for a commercial release.

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